CleverCool Anti Snoring and Fresh Breath Kit


The CleverCool Anti Snoring and Fresh Breath Kit contains one CleverCool Scrapy, one Halita Mouth Spray and one Airmax Classic. The CleverCool Scrapy has been officially tested by ACTA (Beekmans et al.) as the best tongue cleanser on the market. The CleverCool Scrapy removes the white tongue coating which causes bad breath. Besides cleansing your tongue with the CleverCool Scrapy, the Halita Mouth Spray is suited to eliminate the bad breath during the whole day due to the effectiveness against sulfur gases which cause bad breath. By using the Airmax Classic during your sleep, you will breathe less through your mouth which helps to prevent mucous from drying out and prevents bad breath and snoring.

€ 23,95 € 19,95 incl. VAT

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